Polecat is comprised of five mad scientists who aren’t afraid of rejecting predictability and conformism...one of the hardest things to do for a band is find their own sound and style; Polecat has managed to do that from their inception...unlike many other bands, each band member has deep roots in a different musical style, and they all blossom on the group’s third album 'Into the Wind'.
- Pop Matters

What's Next?

Wednesday, August 10 (6pm)
Courdelene, ID - Live After 5

Thursday, August 11 (930pm)
Darrington, WA -Summer Meltdown Festival

Friday, August 12 (9pm)
Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
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Wednesday, August 17 (noon)
Seattle, WA - Out to Lunch Concert Series

Wednesday, August 17 (6pm)
Bellingham, WA - Music at Maritime Concert Series

Thursday, August 18 (6pm)
Mount Vernon, WA - Riverwalk Concert Series



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Song Premiere on Relix
'In the Cold'
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Song Premiere on The Bluegrass Situation
'Four Leaf Clover'

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Song Premiere on Elmore Magazine

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